Monday, 29 December 2014

Bastarding Camps

Finally got the full DA Tactical Squad finished....well the figs are all done barring the weathering and chipping I want to do just before I base them. Need to pick up a few bits and bobs first. The thing that's holding me back on the bases is that I cannot for love nor money find anywhere that sells fine gravel/grit/sand. Looked everywhere. Usually see piles of perfect material on the street from where they are (constantly) relaying the pavements but as it's winter and everywhere is covered in a mess of ice, snow, slush, muck - that's out. I get around to the basing at some point.
Next up to paint is the Helbrute. Gorgeous fig. Not usually that into Chaos but the models that come with the DV boxed set are lush. After painting a squad, I really wanted to do a solo model. Can't be arsed with Balthasar (the one kinda crappy model in the box) and fancied something LARGE!! Helbrute it is. However. The colour scheme. The GW scheme of red skin and red armour is just daft. After looking at numerous versions on the net; still couldn't really decide. I considered changing the Chaos lot to another chapter but do kinda want to stick with the Crimson Slaughter. Red skin my arse though. Finally decided on doing the armour a dark rich red. Not too shiny shiny bling bling red as seem to be the norm and the skin a dark leathery brown. Tough and cured looking. The face was down first so I could then stick it into the model and put the 2 main halves together. All good, all good - WTF......serious crevices at the join seems. Especially going down one leg. Tried the liquid green stuff but its not really that effective and leaves a gritty texture. Balls. Anyways. the skin is all based, washed, layered and looking good. Really happy with the brown choice (mournfang brown and aba black mix). Again had to mix up my own dark brown wash. Really happy with the outcome.
Helbrute WIP
(edit: finally got round to getting a wee shot of this bugger. Went with a nice dark wine red for the armour base (Aba black + Kho red) - really begining to come together)

Havent had hardly anytime to paint recently due to all the preparation work I have on my plate at the mo for an ele English camp next week. Figs just a sitting there.......staring at me........bloody camps!!!
I pop up a few progress pics when I have some tie in the moro. Till then, keep on painting folks :)

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