Thursday, 29 January 2015

Just popping in o.O

Back home in Ireland at the mo for a wee 2 week trip. Picked up the wedding rings from the guy who was making them from my designs - came out beautifully.
The Rings :)
Well stoked at that. Great to be home and all that; superlovely stuff. Am kinda missing the figs though lol. (And of course the fiance and my dog.....really miss that mutt kkkkkk) So went up to Dublin today and somehow, inexplicably found myself in a Games-Workshop store. Just popped in for a wee look........came back out with STUFF!!! Couple of new pots of paints (fella in the shop in seoul was out of these ones), some basing stuff (nothing too mad so far) and a new Wraithlord and an Eldar Wave Serpent.....just popped in for a wee look....yeah...a wee look my hairy Irish arse!!


Ah well, at least I didnt also pick up any GK stuff. Couldn't decide between Eldar and GK for an army to build so have decided to build up both. Kinda liking the look of the Dark Eldar now too though.....shite! Starting with the Eldar now anyways; see about the others further down the line kkkkkkk. So, now I have a nice new WS and WL to paint but gotta wait till I get back to South Korea.Still need to decide on which Craftworld to make them; will pick one by colour scheme rather than by fluff.....wanna paint NOW.........dammit :( Patience is NOT one of my many(??) virtues o.O

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Balthasar..........the Gaul (?!)

Finally on the hols. Winter Camps done (for now) so getting some (deserved(?)) downtime.........and can get some righteous painting and modeling done. Happy little fecker am I :D

Decided to get Balthasar, the Dark Angels' 5th Company Master done and out of the way. I'm not really a fan of this fig as it's a bit...well.... static...dull....just stands there gurning. The (huge) winged helm is really not something I fancy. Seems like he comes from a certain indomitable village in Gaul ;)

Balthasar.....The Gaul

However........I really really enjoyed painting Balthastrix (as I can't stop calling him now). The only cuntish bit was in assembling....bastarding fissure lines again and in so the wrong place. That aside.....totally had fun with this fig. Originally his cloak was going to be black (think I'll still darken it down a bit with a few washes) but the highlight layers were going on so well, and that deep wine colour was starting to look well nice and it got lighter and lighter. His armour is not quite so brighty brighty salamandery green as it seems in the photos. Anyways....overall.....well happy with our Gaulish Angel :D

Balthasar...strike a pose!

Next up - time to get some cultists painted. There's like 20 of them in the DV boxed set and there's no way I'm doing them all in a oner. They break down into 2 groups; Sect Anarkus and Sect Tetchvar. Gonna go with Anarkus' CC sect first. These are Chaos Cultists.....utter scum just to be used as fodder by their lords so wanna make 'em look the part. Much of the time these wretches are holed up in the bowels of what Chaos carrier they are bundled into. So for paint schemes want to make them look pale, unhealthy and drab. No bright lovely armour and cloaks for these dregs. Got the flesh basecoated with rakarth flesh (needed 2 thinned coats) and then washed, firstly with reikland fleshshade and then some agrax in the deeper muscle lines.

Anarkus looks kinda like a monk ( a completely debased, bastarding lunatic monk) so his squad's scheme is gonna be using more monklike colours...tans and browns. Tetchvar (stupidest name ever; sounds like a petulant child) is a fallen Commisar so his squad with be more stormtrooper...y. Blacks, grey etc.......See how it goes :)

Sunday, 4 January 2015


The Helbrute

Waheey  - finally finished the Crimson Slaughter's Helbrute. Loved painted this fig. Only thing that pissed me off a bit was those bastarding seams, esp on the melta arm. Ah well. Gorgeous fig to paint though and I don't usually bother much with Chaos but really liked doing this one. Looking forward to getting to The Chosen.


I used Blood For The Blood God paint on his claws and on those gill-like-thinys on his back. Was thinking of also using it on the spine but not sure now......maybe add it later...
Think the overall colour scheme worked well. Not too 'shiny happy helbrute' that I've seen a lot of. May dirtyhim up a little and add battle damage later on....and more blood :D   really recommend that BFTBG paint.

Next up gonna bite the bullet and do Balthasar......Least fav of the boxed set (godawful pose) but still a nice enough fig.