Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Enter The Magos

2016 is here and it's time to get some hobby done. Been working on a kitbash/sculpt for an Atch Magos over the last few weeks but with Christmas and that, time has been a bit short. However, finally got the big fella finished....well the build anyways!! Greenstuff parts went on fairly smoothly - those cable rollers are bloody handy! The axe haft was a bit of a pain to imprint a texure pattern on but worked in the end. Pretty happy with the result; bits from about 7 different kits/models went into him. Have a wee guess and see if you can get which ones.
Anyways - here he is - Arch-Magos Braetalan'Kot of Achyls III. Cheers for looking. Paint will be going on as soon as!

AdMech Arch-Magos Braetalan'Kot


  1. Amazing mate. Please tell me what parts you used from the 7 kits???

  2. Hey there! Cheers for looking in, glad you like the build :)
    Let's see now - the bits.....ok....
    The robes and clutched skull are from the WHFB cairn wraith model. The shoulder bolters, claw arms, axe shaft end bit and the mechandrite holding the skull are from the FW Scyllax covenant kit. The claws at the end of the greeenstuff mechandrites, the breast plate and armour plates and the claw holding the axe are from the GW Kataphron kit. The head is the spare head from the GW TechPriest Dominus clampack. The chord claws and the servo skull on the ground are from the GW ruststalkers kit. The flying servo skull is FW Inquistional servo skulls pack.The rad sensor and the top tip of the axe are from the skitarii vanguard box. And finally...the wax purity seals, and the shull faces on either side of his axe came from the GW Knight warden kit. The axe blades are actually a cut down cogwheel from a tip-ex(correction) tape dispenser! And then lots of greenstuff!! Hope that helps :D Oh - was actually 8 kits, not including the correction tape dispenser - lol