Sunday, 19 July 2015

Dragoons & Hulks

Finally finished the AdMech Sydonian Dragoon I was working on. The usual coour schemes from the Skitarii codex did absolutely nothing for me (esp. Ryza....I mean orange....really??!! yuk) so I went ahead and just made up my own forgeworld and respective colour scheme - Achlys II. I'll write up a full fluff about it at some other time and it will be tying into the backstory for the Freeblade Knight I'm (oh so slowly) working on. Anyhows - The AdMech of Achlys II are garbed in a mech grey and slate blue scheme with a cold brass trim. Really chuffed with how it turned out. So chuffed that I've also picked up a box of Skitarii to paint in same said scheme. And there's the Dominus Tech Priest as well, which has gotten as far as being dry built.
Here's the Dragoon -
AdMech Sydonian Dragoon

AdMech Sydonian Dragoon

AdMech Sydonian Dragoon

Orignially I did the tazer lance differently but it really didnt come out well so totally redid it. Needless to say, this guy will NOT be getting a coat of Purity Seal!!!

In other news - Saturday brought an unexpected early delivery!! Mr. Taekbae turned up with a package for me.....

Open her up.........

BOOM!!!! Sealed copy of the 2014 limited release of Space Hulk finally arrived!! Swweeeett!! $90 on ebay. Cannot sniff at that price. Torn open feverishly and barr 2 broken 'stealer hands, everythings is totally present and correct. Trying to get all the figs clipped, trimmed and built now.....more on that later as I'm getting back to it!! Happy painting folks :D

Friday, 17 July 2015

A Killing Joke

But no, we're not done just yet!! Today - 2 posts for the price of......well....none really! And yeah...excuse the cheesy Batman but not Batman related title!

While doing the Chosen and also as a part of the entry for June's comp, I finally got the new Harliequin Death Jester painted up. Colour scheme needed a little thought as he is part of the 'Masque of the Shattered Mirage' troupe that I'm (slowly) bulding up. Their colours are white with red motley and a light blue/turquoisey spot colour......not very Death Jestery at all! Anyways, came up with a scheme which, I think, stays true to the usual Death Jester garb and still has him a recognisable part of the Masque. I had the same problem with the Solitaire too but now I had to come up with something again in the same vein as the Solitaire but different to what I did with him!
Really really nice fig to paint but a right fiddly wee shite at the same time. He really needed to be painted in pieces and then assembled which was fine......except for his shawl/cowl thingy which was an absolute bitch to get lcoked into place at the end. The little vignette base is the same one as the Solitaire is posed on.
Well, see what you think.......

A Chosen Disaster

Back again! Been meaning throw out an update but things (as per usual) just kept getting away from me! Have of course been painting away like a lunatic! So, what's been happening.....finally finished the DV Chosen figs. Really really happy how they turned out and then DISASTER. I went to seal them with some Purity Seal spray and the damn stuff frosted the lot of them!!! Long story short - I found a brush on matt varnish at he local arts'n'crafts store that fixed them .....90% or so. But seriously.....that is not a good feeling when you spray on and see the figs I'd spent about 50hours or so painting start to look like they had taken a trip 'north of the wall'. I was gutted. Couldn't even bring myself to take a full load of proof photos. I have one....somewhere....I'll edit it in later if I can find it.
Anyways - I e-mailed CC at GW in the off chance they'd be able to help. I honestly wasn't really expecting much as at this point I can re-varnished them and only had one shot of one of them all frosted over. And no receipt for when I bought the DV boxed set last December. A few e-mails later though (with an incredible member of their CC staff) explaining what had happened and that it had happened (albeit to a very lesser degree) with the Harlie Skyweaver - I attached the one photo I had a screenshot of my Visa bill showing I had bought stuff from Orctown (a flgs, not an actual GW shop) they said they were sending me some replacement models. SCORE!!! I was however only expecting the figs that had got ruined. Nope..... a few days (yup - from Britain to Korea o.O ) later a whole brand new DV boxed set and a new Skyweaver boxed set arrived!!!! They do not muck around!! They didnt replace the affected figs but the entire kits that they came in! Dammnnnn - now that is awesome CC. There's one in the eye of all the whinning whinging maggots who incestantly harp on about how GW is the worst company in the 'verse et cetera et cetera!!
So, Chosen fixed and diorama built!! My biggest one yet too. Entered into Paradigm's monthly painting challenge (for June) over on DakkaDakka and thx to the nice folk who voted - I took 1st place :D   Anyways - less yapper and more photos eh?!!! Here's how it all came out (yes, I really do need to reshoot the photos but ...later..later ㅋㅋ)

. The posters I found about the net again, printed them on recycled paper and then tinted with shades. The unlucky guardsmen is from the Cadian squad box. The rest is all foamboard, sand/stones from the local river, mosquite screen repair patches, paperclips and plasticard for the marble tiles I painted to put in the back building. Oh - and a nightlight candle case for the podium that Draz is standing on :) Loved building this thing.
Hope y'like them

You can still see a few bits where the rescue varnish ( as I will now forever call it) didnt quite beat the frosting but overall, I think it did an amazing job.

Any questions, comments, C'n'Cs always welcome :)

Irish Steve