Thursday, 7 May 2015

'Run Mon-Keigh........RUN!!!'

Second part of today's postings. The finishsed product. Finally the Harlie Skyweaver is all finished and set into its mini-diorama (see previous post for a quick tut on that thing). Am really happy how the whole thing came out.

Harliequin Skyweaver
 Quick notes..... The motley was all freepainted after being lightly penciled on with a clutch pencil

Harliequin Skyweaver
The rider's hair was done with multiple glazes on a pure white base. Wanted to try using glazes to get that blended look for a change and gota say, glazes are defintely the way to go for hair. So much easier and a much better look. The blood streaming off the back of the zephyr black was once again BFTBG tech paint and a few more bristles snipped off my dog's toothbrush! I had a bit of a fuckup when I sealed the bike with a spray of purity seal and the metallics all frosted over as well as the gems. That was not fun. Everything else seemed to be ok but I had to repaint the frosted areas with was a pisser. Oh - the Chaos cultist (with my DV theme base) is just a proxy for the moment. The final mon-keigh that will be there is gonna be a running screaming Space Wolf marine. Need to somehow get my hands on one. Buying all the seperate parts for one on a bitz site ends up being kinda expensive just for one fig........if anyone out there has a spare screaming running SW they don't want....lemme know ;)

Anyways - there it is. Took about a month all told I think to do and finish which considering I'm supposed to be planning/organising/getting ready for my wedding in under 3 weeks, ain't too bad!!!

Hope ye like 'em

Irish Steve


Double post today as am well behind. The Skyweaver is all done and dusted. Made a wee dio base for them as well. These dio bases are really easy to do but make a real difference to the finished fig.
 The primary base piece is 2 parts (I'll pop another photo in later if I remember) - The bottom is 2mm black plasticard and then the top part is 2mm foarmboard. Using a circle cutter I cut out the slots for the Skyweaver plastic base and a reg. small base to slot into. The steps are made from the same foamboard and stuck together with hot glue. The tiles are drawn out on 1mm card (should have used plasticard but didnt have any 1mm) then a circle cutter used again to get the one for the flying base. This way it ensures that the tiles on the flying base and those on the dio base will line up.
 The tiles, steps and a rock are hotglued on and then sand and peebles PVA'd on in the usual manner. Because of the foamboard and the card, I gave the whole thing 3 coats of PVA/water mix to make sure they were totally sealed in, as the spray primer would eat into the foam and paint would soak into the card and warp it
 2 light coats of the ol' Chaos Black spray and we're ready for paint :)

The finished base. The greys were done with mech grey as a base, washed with Nuln and then layered up through eshin, dawnstone and lightly drybrushed with admin grey and final highlights of ulthan grey. The tiles are based with tallarn, washed first with seraphim sepia, then agrax earthshade where the sand/stones meet the tiles and in the recesses of the tiles and steps and then layered up through usabti and screaming skull and scrub brushed to give a worn eroded feel. Think I may have used a little pallid wych as well.....Came out really well I think. All told maybe 6-7 hours at the most. And the final product is above :)