Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Cracking the WIP

Quick wee update while I have a few minutes.
Working on one of the new Harlequin Skyweaver bikes at the mo. Seriously gorgeous piece of kit. Been busy as with the upcoming nupts but still managing to sneak in a little brushtime here and there. Few shots of ongoing progress thus far. Was finished with the actual bike but gonna have to go back and redo the gems on the fins as well as some of the metallics due to the purity seal fethign them up and frosting over. Annoying as hell but thankfully fixable. Anyways, here's where I am. Hope you like 'em :)


Thursday, 16 April 2015

"Alas.....Poor Mon'Keigh..."

Really really quick post as I need to get ready and head to work. Recently finished and based the Solitaire from the new Harlequins range. He was pretty fun to paint except for b/t his legs and greatcoat. That was an utter pain in the ....brushes ;)
I made a few wee alterations - I didnt like the way the original model's left hand was posed so I lopped it off!! Flipped it over so he could hold somethig in the palm of his hand...... a chaos cultist's head no less lol. The blood drips are actually 2 bristles from my dog's toothbrush which were glued between his fingers and then painted after a coat of purity seal with BFTBG tech paint.
Anyways....here is. Hope you like him :)
Harlequin Solitaire - Masque Of The Shattered Mirage

Thursday, 9 April 2015

The Brothers Grimm(Dark)

Dark Angel's Deathwing Squad Barachiel

Up to my proverbial tits these days but still managing to squeeze it some painting. Mostly in the mornings as for some godbeknown reason I seem to like getting up at 6am! Anyways.....finally finished up The DV Deathwing squad and even made a wee diorama/scene for them to sit into. Really happy how they turned out. As I was entering them in a painting comp over on Dakka, I decided to make a backdrop for them as well. Piss easy and didn't take that long but sets them nicely into the fluff and I'm all about the fluff!!
That's the final dio. Thin foamboard topped with a sheet of the cobbled street I'm using for basing the DV figs. Circles then cut out of both for the figs to slot into. Stones and sand from the local river added in such a way so that it matches whats on the fig's bases. The wall is foamboard that comes with a layer of cork on top (makes for ace instant texture). The posters came from another artist's blog which I then resized and printed on the school's recycled paper which is much better as it's really gritty and soaks up the inks I used for weathering so much better. The came from Krautscientist's blog which btw I REALLY rec/mnd you check out - https://eternalhunt.wordpress.com/

Here's Vet. Sgt. Barachiel btw - haven't popped his finished pics up yet.
I cut a broken Aquila wing out of foamboard to mount him on. As the Sgt, I wanted up to be a little higher than the rest of the squad. I did his powersword in TMM as I'm really not a fan of NMM, esp for weapons; I just don't like the almost cartoony effect that it gives. It's hard to see here but the powersword has a blue sheen to it which worked really nicely just by glazing a few times with drak night shade wash.
Anyhow......here's a few other angles/shots of the final piece. Hope you like it :D Any questions/C&C -just hit me up in the comments box
Irish Steve

Ohhhhh - There's 3(4) Fluff Easter Eggs or Flufter Eggs hidden in the diorama - see can ye find 'em ;)