Thursday, 16 April 2015

"Alas.....Poor Mon'Keigh..."

Really really quick post as I need to get ready and head to work. Recently finished and based the Solitaire from the new Harlequins range. He was pretty fun to paint except for b/t his legs and greatcoat. That was an utter pain in the ....brushes ;)
I made a few wee alterations - I didnt like the way the original model's left hand was posed so I lopped it off!! Flipped it over so he could hold somethig in the palm of his hand...... a chaos cultist's head no less lol. The blood drips are actually 2 bristles from my dog's toothbrush which were glued between his fingers and then painted after a coat of purity seal with BFTBG tech paint. is. Hope you like him :)
Harlequin Solitaire - Masque Of The Shattered Mirage

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