Friday, 13 February 2015

Back to it

Back in Korea again finally after awesome 2 weeks at home in Ireland. Soon as I got back - crew unpacking, straight to the GW goodies I brought back with me ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Been humming n hawing what army to start collecting. Was kinda torn between Grey Knights (sweet psyker Space Marines with some awesome figs) and my old favs the Eldar. Love me some space elves!!! After downloading and reading a tonne of the Imperial Armour books, I came to 'The Doom of Mymeara'. (IA 11 for those who are interested). The Imperial Armour books are brilliant. Massive campaigns, loads of fluff and more. IA 11 introduced the thought lost craftworld of Mymeara and some seriously awesome new Aspect Warriors - The Shadow Spectres.
The Mymeara ECW colour scheme is well lush - really like it so that's the way I'm going.

Annoying thing is the Shadow Spectres are Forgeworld and therefore can only be bought from their website. Forgeworld are def a little more expensive than regular GW and then you gotta pay delivery too. Asshattery >< Also the decals for Mymeara are again only available from Forgeworld and not cheap. They don't feature on the decal sheets that normally come free with Wraithlords, Wave Serpants etc. More asshattery.
So, taking a wee break from DV painting and gonna have a bash at painting up some Mymearan Eldar starting with a Wraithlord. The Eldar Wraithlord is one sweet model. A shit tonne of weapon options too. So after a load of prep (pinning, magnets, mold lines etc) am getting on with it.
Bit of a bugger to get the colour scheme sorted and the how to. There are pretty much no guides online and everyone just keeps saying it a paint scheme that needs to be done with an airbrush. Screw that.

Primed in white and then a basecoat of Lothern Blue to bring out the top colours which'll need to be wet-blended. I really don't like priming with white but the black is just way too dark as is The Fang spray primer. Wish they did a lighter grey....
Will wet blend Sotek Green and Cabalite Green for the colour scheme and then maybe a wash of Incubi Darkness in the recesses. It's gonna need two layers though due to how much the skull white shines through. Been a fair while since I've done wet blending but we'll see how it goes :)

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