Saturday, 14 February 2015


Ahhhh - nice relaxing Saturday. E-Mail from the mother earlier saying the doctor's office called and the MRI scan I had while home was all clear!!! Serious weight off :D

Wraithlord is begining shape up nicely. 2nd layer of wetblended Sotek & Kabalite painted. Happy with the results. I havent done wet-blending in a very long time. Need to work so quickly. The 2nd layer defintely was easier than the first. Freepainted the Mymeara and the wraithlord runes onto the loin cloth as well. Love this model. Definitely gonna have a couple of them in the army.

Mymeara Wraithlord WIP

The new Harlequin models are nearly all released now. The amount of speculating, moaning, leaks, apprehension, whinging, happiness and irratation that has been going on on the boards (I usually stick to DakkaDakka but am sure BoLS and B&C have had the same) was unreal. 'Far as I'm concerned the whole Harli release is a major win. Models are awesome, new rules seems fine and most importantly - the new models are AWESOME!!!

Had a look at the Solitaire and the Troupe box the other day in Orctown. Seriously awesome sauce. The Starweavers and the Skyweaver models are gorgeous. One of everything please Bob! The lady has said she'll get me some of the range for Valies Day.....which is today.....^_- 'Where's the clowns darling?!'

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