Sunday, 22 February 2015


Finally got Sect Anarkus finished, based and all done. Anarkus is a quality fig; really like that one. Flamer fella (who reminds me of a certain Canadian friend) as well. That's half of the cultists done. Sect Tetchy still to be done. Laaaatttter!!
Tis wee lot were a lot of fun to do, though the last 2 to be finished began to get a little.......óh god just be finished already`~' Tried not to get too carried away with the blood. Really quality stuff that technical paint
Anarkus - Chaos Cultist Leader

Chaos Cultist Flamer

Chaos CC Cultists

Chaos Cultist - Sect Anarkus

Thursday, 19 February 2015

새해 복 많이 받으세요 ^^ and..... Here comes the Wraithlord

Happy (Chinese) New Year - sheep or something I think this one o.O
Mymeara Wraithlord

To celebrate I stayed home and finally finished up the Mymeara Wraithlord I brought back from Ireland. First Eldar anything I've painted in over 10 years and I decided to do it in what might be the most tricky craftworld colour scheme going to pull off - that of Mymeara. For it you either need to use an airbrush (I don't nor do I intend for figs; spray, spray, done.....kinda takes the fun out of it for me) or get used to a shitload of wet and 2brush blending, which I did. I've never painted one of these new style wraithlords before (ok, so they're not exactly NEW now) as when I was last painting it was the old white metal ones - smaller, less parts and nowhere near as awesome as the current ones.
The arms and head are magnetised and the weapon loadouts and hands are pinned so everything is interchangeable. I think I mentioned all this before so 'nuff said!
Mymeara Wraithlord

I mentioned the base wet-blended layers before and the colours used. The highlight layers were done with Temple Guard Blue (2brush blending) which was a joy to use and Sybarite Green (2brush blending but ended up having to do more line highlights due to the assholish nature of the paint) which was an absolute pain in the ass to try and blend with. Jewels are done with Xereus purple.
Anyways, 'nuff technical stuff. I put it here more as a reminder for myself in the future bcs I know I'll never write it down and I still have a Wave Serpent waiting to be painted up later.

All in all though - the Wraithlord fig is an absolute beaut to paint and have. For all the whinging and bitching and moaning folk do about GW (seriously though....the Harlequin thread on DkDk is full of it) and their get what you pay for. GW models are awesome quality and detail. The new Harli figs have been blowing folk away. Yet still there's the moaning twats who want something for next to nothing.....'you don't like it.....find another bloody hobby'.

Anyways......well happy with how the Wraithlord turned out. Gonna take a break from Eldar and head back to DV next. Need to finish up the Chaos CC squad and then get the Ravenwing squad sorted. Urrghhh - back to work next week too - lol. Happy New Year all ^^

Saturday, 14 February 2015


Ahhhh - nice relaxing Saturday. E-Mail from the mother earlier saying the doctor's office called and the MRI scan I had while home was all clear!!! Serious weight off :D

Wraithlord is begining shape up nicely. 2nd layer of wetblended Sotek & Kabalite painted. Happy with the results. I havent done wet-blending in a very long time. Need to work so quickly. The 2nd layer defintely was easier than the first. Freepainted the Mymeara and the wraithlord runes onto the loin cloth as well. Love this model. Definitely gonna have a couple of them in the army.

Mymeara Wraithlord WIP

The new Harlequin models are nearly all released now. The amount of speculating, moaning, leaks, apprehension, whinging, happiness and irratation that has been going on on the boards (I usually stick to DakkaDakka but am sure BoLS and B&C have had the same) was unreal. 'Far as I'm concerned the whole Harli release is a major win. Models are awesome, new rules seems fine and most importantly - the new models are AWESOME!!!

Had a look at the Solitaire and the Troupe box the other day in Orctown. Seriously awesome sauce. The Starweavers and the Skyweaver models are gorgeous. One of everything please Bob! The lady has said she'll get me some of the range for Valies Day.....which is today.....^_- 'Where's the clowns darling?!'

Friday, 13 February 2015

Back to it

Back in Korea again finally after awesome 2 weeks at home in Ireland. Soon as I got back - crew unpacking, straight to the GW goodies I brought back with me ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Been humming n hawing what army to start collecting. Was kinda torn between Grey Knights (sweet psyker Space Marines with some awesome figs) and my old favs the Eldar. Love me some space elves!!! After downloading and reading a tonne of the Imperial Armour books, I came to 'The Doom of Mymeara'. (IA 11 for those who are interested). The Imperial Armour books are brilliant. Massive campaigns, loads of fluff and more. IA 11 introduced the thought lost craftworld of Mymeara and some seriously awesome new Aspect Warriors - The Shadow Spectres.
The Mymeara ECW colour scheme is well lush - really like it so that's the way I'm going.

Annoying thing is the Shadow Spectres are Forgeworld and therefore can only be bought from their website. Forgeworld are def a little more expensive than regular GW and then you gotta pay delivery too. Asshattery >< Also the decals for Mymeara are again only available from Forgeworld and not cheap. They don't feature on the decal sheets that normally come free with Wraithlords, Wave Serpants etc. More asshattery.
So, taking a wee break from DV painting and gonna have a bash at painting up some Mymearan Eldar starting with a Wraithlord. The Eldar Wraithlord is one sweet model. A shit tonne of weapon options too. So after a load of prep (pinning, magnets, mold lines etc) am getting on with it.
Bit of a bugger to get the colour scheme sorted and the how to. There are pretty much no guides online and everyone just keeps saying it a paint scheme that needs to be done with an airbrush. Screw that.

Primed in white and then a basecoat of Lothern Blue to bring out the top colours which'll need to be wet-blended. I really don't like priming with white but the black is just way too dark as is The Fang spray primer. Wish they did a lighter grey....
Will wet blend Sotek Green and Cabalite Green for the colour scheme and then maybe a wash of Incubi Darkness in the recesses. It's gonna need two layers though due to how much the skull white shines through. Been a fair while since I've done wet blending but we'll see how it goes :)