Sunday, 19 July 2015

Dragoons & Hulks

Finally finished the AdMech Sydonian Dragoon I was working on. The usual coour schemes from the Skitarii codex did absolutely nothing for me (esp. Ryza....I mean orange....really??!! yuk) so I went ahead and just made up my own forgeworld and respective colour scheme - Achlys II. I'll write up a full fluff about it at some other time and it will be tying into the backstory for the Freeblade Knight I'm (oh so slowly) working on. Anyhows - The AdMech of Achlys II are garbed in a mech grey and slate blue scheme with a cold brass trim. Really chuffed with how it turned out. So chuffed that I've also picked up a box of Skitarii to paint in same said scheme. And there's the Dominus Tech Priest as well, which has gotten as far as being dry built.
Here's the Dragoon -
AdMech Sydonian Dragoon

AdMech Sydonian Dragoon

AdMech Sydonian Dragoon

Orignially I did the tazer lance differently but it really didnt come out well so totally redid it. Needless to say, this guy will NOT be getting a coat of Purity Seal!!!

In other news - Saturday brought an unexpected early delivery!! Mr. Taekbae turned up with a package for me.....

Open her up.........

BOOM!!!! Sealed copy of the 2014 limited release of Space Hulk finally arrived!! Swweeeett!! $90 on ebay. Cannot sniff at that price. Torn open feverishly and barr 2 broken 'stealer hands, everythings is totally present and correct. Trying to get all the figs clipped, trimmed and built now.....more on that later as I'm getting back to it!! Happy painting folks :D

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