Sunday, 4 January 2015


The Helbrute

Waheey  - finally finished the Crimson Slaughter's Helbrute. Loved painted this fig. Only thing that pissed me off a bit was those bastarding seams, esp on the melta arm. Ah well. Gorgeous fig to paint though and I don't usually bother much with Chaos but really liked doing this one. Looking forward to getting to The Chosen.


I used Blood For The Blood God paint on his claws and on those gill-like-thinys on his back. Was thinking of also using it on the spine but not sure now......maybe add it later...
Think the overall colour scheme worked well. Not too 'shiny happy helbrute' that I've seen a lot of. May dirtyhim up a little and add battle damage later on....and more blood :D   really recommend that BFTBG paint.

Next up gonna bite the bullet and do Balthasar......Least fav of the boxed set (godawful pose) but still a nice enough fig.

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