Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Surplice to requirements

Term is nearly over and holidays are looming. 1 more week and it's winter holidays. 2 months of freedom (barring the 2 winter english camps I have to teach and flying home for a fortnight!) Managing to scounge an hour or two in the evenings though to do a wee bit more on the first half of Squad Raph.
Getting there!
Armour is done (will probably add a few light point highlights at the end....maybe) soft joints done and the chest aquilas as well. The aquilas came out exactly the way I wanted them. Didn't want that creamy warm bone effect that I've seen everywhere. Was looking more for a greyish weathered bone colour. Real bone is not creamy once it's weathered. Based the aquilas with Dawnstone and then (as I don't have Agrax Earthshade) shaded them with a wash made up of Sepia, Crimson and Nightshade. Highlighted with a mix of Dawnstone and Screaming Skull. Worked just how I wanted it.

Working on the weapons now. Decided on black/grey for the casings instead of the ubiquitous red. They're Space Marines, not Santa's little helpers ;) Finished up Raphael's surplice as well. It turned out.........ok. Not 100% happy with it. Will probably go back later and add a light glaze to soften it down a bit. It's fine but there is something bugging me about it......
As a test batch, this lot are coming along nicely.

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