Sunday, 7 December 2014

'Spend' you damned heretic, 'Spend!'

  Finally made it to Seoul and hunted down what is (as far as I know) the ONLY place in SK to get GW product. The totally awesome 'Orctown'

Orctown (Maebong, Gangnam-Gu)

Piss easy to get to and pretty well stocked n all. Thy have several games tables which were hosting games with foreigners and Koreans alike. I was in a bit of a rush so didn't get the time to really get chatting. List out and a shopping I went. Had pretty much everything I wanted to pick up barr Nuln Oil and Agrax Earthshade. Fuck. Need those but will mix up a substitute until I can get my hands on some. When I went to pay I was quickly reminded what an expensive fuck of a hobby this is! The wee lass on the till nearly fell off her stool when I saved her from having to speak English by just using Korean (I really was in a rush). Picked up the DV boxed set (which now comes with a bonus mini and stat card; Vrosh Tattersoul - Chaos Marine aspiring champion for The Crimson Slaughter. The figure is bloody lovely!!), pin drill, undercoat spray and shitload of paint.
The haul card glowing and all my stuff in hand - I headed back to Wonju. It was all I cold do to not rip everything open on the way home!

The Dark Vengeance set is a bloody prize! I'd already heard the quality of the figs was proper excellent but seriously - the detail is superb. W117,000 for rule books, 50 figs (incl 3 bikes and a Helbrute) and other bits'n'bobs. Where they do get you though of course is on the paints! I've been reading up on different tutorials/bogs recently (some of them linked yonder on the right) for colour schemes/tips/new paints et cetera so had a list of the paints I wanted. Ouch - credit card glows an angry red at the memory!
 I've decided to start with the Dark Angels tactical squad that's included so spent last night prepping them. Fucking mold lines!!! In all fairness, there was no flash and the mold lines were really light and barely noticeable; most folk would probably not bother but I wanted to anyways. That done and drilled out the bolter barrels (why the fuck do people not do this??!) and plasma gun and left it at that for the night :)
I'll spray coat them this morning once I've got suitably caffed up. Seriously excited to be getting back into painting!!

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