Thursday, 4 December 2014


After a looooonnngggg hiatus, I am finally going to get back into painting miniatures. I've always been a big WH40K fan (mostly the models, figures and books) but when I moved to SK 9 years ago, I had to give it up......well the painting anyways. There are no GW shops in Korea and mail order is an expensive pain in the ass. I've always kept up with the books but really missed the painting. Time to get back into it! I recently found a hobby shop that stocks GW product and seems to be pretty reasonably priced to boot. In fact, it seems to be the ONLY place in he whole of SK that sells GW. Place is called 'Orctown' and is in Gangnam area...ish. (Link is on the right). Christmas is coming so gonna treat myself to the awesome Dark Vengeance boxed set this weekend. Mini painting progress and terrain will be posted on this blog as I go along. 10 years since I lasted painted (my focus used to be painting and converting Eldar for the most part) time to head back into the warp

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