Friday, 6 May 2016

Where Are We Now?!

Right - that's what was, now what is....kinda. The buying freeze has had some sucess but far from total! Have picked up a few things in the interim. Got some more of the Mortician's Guild from Steamforged as they are simply awesome - got the Starter Box'Obulus, Cosset and Graves and also the big fella Casket and their mascot Dirge. So they're sitting waiting with Ghast and Silence in the cabinet now.

Also totally caved and picked up a copy of this beauty. When I'm actually going to get them all painted (it's like 50 highly detailed stunning figs in there)'ll happen.....IT WILL!!

And last of all (apart from backing Rum'N'Bones - Second Tide on Kickstarter that is) I got myself a Solar Auxilia Dracosan Armoured Transport. No, I'm not going to start collecting a SA force (though they are gorgeous) but the Dracosan really has an old AdMech look to it so am going to convert it over to being a reclaimed tank now being used as a transport for my Dust Dogs Skitarii Rangers squad. I've made a start on this one at least. And have converted the top gunner into a skitarii and replaced the multilaser/flamer option with a twinlinked lascannon from the Ironstrider kit.
The cast is for the most part well done but there was a little mould slip and a few other things that need to be filed and fixed. It's pretty much ready for the build now so hopefully get that done over the weekend. Hopefully

Reclaimed Dracosan Skitarii Gunner
 So what have I been painting? 'Eavier Metal over on Facebook is doing another one of their comps and it's a big one - 'Eadbanger II. The amount of figs they've got from sponsors is astounding!! So I fugured I'd give it a bash this year. So far am entering in three categories - Unit/Warband; which I'm putting 'The Ashen' in for. Need to reshoot some photos for them though. Single figure- Showcase; I'll enter 'The Nurse' for that. I've got her prepped, built and primed but really need to get a move on and start painting her soon.
'The Nurse'
 Which leads up to Armour. For this am doing one of Forgeworld's Thanatar Siege Automata. Glorious beast of a model he is. Been trying out a whole pile of new techniques and stuff with him and, touch wood, it's all gone great so far. He has been hogging the paint recently though. He's getting towards final stages now though so should have him finished soon. Am really happy with how it's been going thus far. Few WiPs for you to finish up this post then

Thanatar WiP

Thanatar WiP

Thanatar WiP
Well there we go, all caught up. C&Cs always welcome and paint till ya drop :)



*Edit*   Shit - totally forgot but remembered again. My Harlequin Solitaire was featured on the Games Workshop website. Very very chuffed :D Here's a screenshot

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