Saturday, 6 February 2016

New Year's Resolution My Arse!!

Back home in Ireland at the mo so no hobbying. So nice being home but of course just can't leave hobby well enough alone lol. Anywho - I had made a list of resolutions at the new year for hobby, the first of which being that I wasn't going to buy any more figs until I'd cleared all the stuff I already have, which to be fair is not nearly as much as a lot of folk - no plascrack hoarding in my house!! There were to be 2 exceptions - a box of ruststalkers for my AdMech and FW's new primarch release - Corax. Decided not to get Corax yet and as I'm starting to branch out and do some other stuff besides GW/FW my mind turned back to 'The Asylum'. (You check it out here - There was an awesome KS by Thirdman Studios to get a group of 54mm boutique figs released and they are/were gorgeous. Sadly, said KS failed to get funded. The sculpts are gorgeous and come from the twisted mind of Edouard Guiton and were sculpted by Alexandre Aragon Marks. The model that orginally really caught my eye was 'The Nurse', painted by the super talented Martin Grandbarbe. 

So different to what I usually do but totally fell in love with it and was so dissappointed that the KS failed. They did do a limited (300) release of her before the KS but when I looked - all sold out. Then I heard that there were still some available over on CMON. Sweet! LLS, ordered myself one up the other night - $40...seriously though for a beautiful (and from what I've read from folk who got them the cast is near perfect) 54mm boutique....thank you very kamsa :D So that's in the post. Seriously need to up my skin painting game though before I take that on. Study study time.

Now that would have been all well and dandy if I hadn't gone up to Dublin shopping for some GS today...........needless to say - Resolution #1 is out the proverbial window!!


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