Thursday, 17 September 2015

An Ork, A Hobbit and A Tech-Priest Walk Into A Bar........

The ork orders one ale, the hobbit does not, the tech-priest is confused o.O
Definitely funnier in my head ;)

Anyways - some finished stuff to pop up today. The Dominus/Castellax figs'n'vig are all done and I've also finally got the GW Bilbo fig and the AOBR Warboss all done for some folk over on DakkaDakka.
Warboss was a lot of fun as it was my first ever ork to paint (how the hell have I neever got 'round to painting an ork before??!!!). Gave me a good chance to play around with metals; weathering them and so on.
Bilbo is so tiny. When he first arrived, I took one look and wondered how the hell I was going to do him justice (beautiful sculpt btw) without obscurring the seriously fine detail. Really really REALLY thin layer was the answer to that one. His clothes took about 8 or 9 layers each to do but I think he worked out pretty well. The base is all GreenStuff. He's such a nice fig I thought he deserved a base that put him in context. I wanted to give him a little private moment as he stares and grins at the one true ring so I based him as if he's in his house surrounded by books and went with a darker palette to reflect the seriousness of the moment. Anyways there we are. Hope yez like them. C&C always welcome :D

Bilbo Baggins

AOBR Ork Warboss
AdMech Tech-Priest Dominus Lant Dor

AdMech Castellax Battle Automata - 'Delta-17-'LostChild'
Tech-Priest Dominus/Castellax Battle Automata Vignette

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