Thursday, 11 June 2015

Ravenwinged it!

Double post again today as I have been a bit remiss at posting (not at painting though of course ;) )
First up - The DV Ravenwing detachment. Finally got them done and entered in the Dakka monthly contest (May). Think I came 5th or so. Which was totally fair enough as some of the entries were bloody excellent. Wasn't able to get a huge amount of painting done last month as the family all arrived from foreign shores and then we had the wedding on the 23rd.
Ravenwing.......yeah.....really don't think I'll be buying/painting anymore of those guys. Not the most fun figs to paint at all. The sculpts and poses are fine but they are just dull to pain. Way too much black coverage and just ....meh!!! Still, got them done (have a few wee tweaks I want to do some point) adn dusted. Hope y'like them


Ravenwing Attack Squadron Arion

Ravenwing Sergeant Arion

Ravenwing Brother Gethal

Ravenwing Brother Arias

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