Thursday, 19 March 2015

Deathwing underway

Been a while eh?!!! Hectic days these; what with all the wedding preps and that. Away pretty much every weekend sorting something else out for the big day. Still getting some painting snuck in though ;) So, what have I been up to......
Well, Paradigm over on Dakka decided to do a monthly painting comp which was just the impetus I needed to get on and tackle the Dark Vengeance Deathwing squad. 3 down, 2 to go! Anyways.....results first, WIPs stuff second!
Brother Mendrion
First one finished was Brother Mendrion......ah dear, poor brother Mendrion......ripped t'shite by the Helbrute, Mortis Metalikus. Brother M. was the test model for the cooler, more realistic (IMHO) Deathwing paint scheme I came across and really liked in another blog ( - really rec/mnd you check it out)
I really hate the usual warm and creamy scheme that usually goes with the Deathwing. Makes them look like armed profiteroles. Anyways - judge for yourself

Brother Dardariel

Next up came Brother Dardariel and his accessory fetish. Lovely fig to paint. Nice to see a battle hardened religious nutjob warrior who knows how to accessorise his tool of the trade ^_-
The paint scheme and the wet-blending came a lot easier on this fella. Came out brilliantly I reckon :)

Brother Varhmiel
Latest into the cabinet (oohhhh - bought a glass cabinet!!!) is Brother Varhmiel. He's the only duplicate term in the DV boxed set so I wanted some way of setting him apart from his twin. Back to the fluff.....aha - ol'Brother Varhmiel was formerly a long serving member of the Ravenwing. Sweeeeeeeet - boom: black pauldron to honour his time with the Ravenwing. Can see am getting a little more confident applying battle damage to the otherwise pristine armour! I really do hate those perfect pristine never touched armour paint jobs. Needs a touch of reality.

Working on Vet Sgt Barachiel now.........more soon :)

(I'll pop up the WIP pics on Varhmiel I took later on. Tired and needing some snooze now. Friday and its 6-class-day arseholery tomoro)

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